We aim to improve overall community well-being for residents of Bridgeport, CT through activities that promote improvement in the environmental, economic, and social conditions of the city while at the same time providing opportunities for local youth to learn and engage with their community.


Our Beginning

Groundwork Bridgeport started in 1998 with the mission to revitalize and beautify the city of Bridgeport, CT. Through initiatives towards achieving this mission, we have built community gardens, organized community cleanups, and planted hundreds of trees and flowers while at the same time providing numerous opportunities for local high-school youth to learn and engage with their community. The importance of community pride and responsibility in creating safe, livable neighborhoods is the basis of every program and project Groundwork Bridgeport undertakes. By accomplishing our goals through education, community service, and partnerships, Groundwork Bridgeport strives to improve the lives of the city's residents and the future of its neighborhoods.

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“No child can escape his community...The life of the community flows about him, foul or pure; he swims in it, goes to sleep in it, and wakes to the new day to find it still about him. He belongs to it; it nourishes him, or starves him, or poisons him; it gives him the substance of his life.”

— J.k. hart


Our Mission

Bridgeport is one of the most severely underserved communities in Connecticut. To address this challenge, Groundwork Bridgeport engages youth in classroom and service learning opportunities with the aim of giving back to Bridgeport and instilling pride in the community.

2016 Stats



contact hours with youth


of our high-school seniors went on to college


youth program participants


Beyond Bridgeport, we have given local high school youth the opportunity to travel to and work in national parks throughout the U.S., from the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone to Weir Farm and Cape Cod National Seashore. The youth in turn bring back the work experience gained and implement what they learned in their home city. 

Together with those who believe that we can make a difference, Groundwork Bridgeport works to improve the image and perception of Bridgeport while striving to make a positive impact on the youth that participate in our programs.



Get Involved

We have the know-how and the passion to do our work but it is only accomplished through support from those that believe in our mission, our staff, and the impact we have on the youth we serve.

We welcome volunteers regardless of skill level. Financial donations are also welcomed and vital to our growth - we use them to pay for planting materials, classroom supplies, youth stipends, community outreach and more.

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